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About us and the project

The purpose

The project was created to help car owners and car lovers. On this site you can find information on all the car models that interest you, reviews, guides, insights and much more.

The site will be particularly useful for those who are interested in buying a new or used car or for those who are simply passionate about cars and who want to know more and more.

For each car model you can find all the most known defects and problems and relative solutions to solve them. You will find information on the comfort of use and advice on the best variant to take to remain satisfied.

If the car you are interested in is not present on our site, you can report it to us at We will try to publish an article as soon as possible.

What is our advantage ?

On the internet there are numerous sites that mainly talk about new cars on the market, comfort, consumption and other superficial things. No one talks in detail about cars, their reliability and their problems.

Of course, all of this more in-depth information can be found on various forums and other sites around the web. However, to get a complete picture of a certain topic or a certain model of car, you need to do a vast search, scattered across many sites.

Often the information is contradictory and untruthful. In fact, in most cases they are information written by people with little knowledge of the topics covered.

We offer all the necessary information divided by car and category. We offer controlled and truthful information given by in-depth studies of official and credible resources.

Finally, we don’t write advertising articles in which we praise a car and hide its problems. We have an objective view and everything we write is based on true information.

Where do we get the information ?

The information written on our site is absolutely true (at the time of publication of the article) and checked.

Basically we do the “dirty” work by collecting the information scattered around the web, we check it, compare it with other resources and in the end we combine it by topic and for each car in part.

For the published data we rely on official statistics and consultations with workshops and mechanics specialized in the sale and repair of cars for many years. There is no shortage of automotive forum consultations.

How to understand the articles and information ?

Important thing to specify is how you have to understand our articles. Any article, whether related to a particular car or another general topic, describes the most frequently encountered and well-known information and common problems.

This does not mean that a concrete example of a car described must necessarily have all the problems reported and it does not mean that it does not have others.

For each car you need to check the general condition and see which of the problems described are present.

Italian version

The project comes from an Italian project born in 2017. The English version was born to share our experience with more and more people.

If you want to consult the Italian version of the site, you can go to